Miranda Sings award

After a week of unfavorable reviews, I believed for today I’d publish something positive!

I was nominated for the Miranda Sings award by the beautiful Kristy of HippyLip – if you’re not complying with her, you truly should! thanks for the nod.

• reveal your nomination with a post, including a link to the blog writer who nominated you
• include the featured picture on your blog
• listing seven things you like about yourself (e.g. your appearance, personality, achievements, etc.), however don’t utilize unfavorable comparisons!
• Nominate ten other blogs as well as link the nominees in your post

So before this, I didn’t even understand who Miranda Sings was! I had to google her it turns out she’s a character depicted by comedian Colleen Evans, a YouTuber. Apparently, her signature line is “Haters Back Off!”, as well as she’s sings. Badly.

But I digress, right here are seven things that I like about myself!
1. I like that I am resilient
2. I like that I am dependable
3. I like that I am resourceful
4. I like that I can discover things quickly
5. I like that I have the patience of a saint
6. I like that I have a truly great memory
7. I like that I state the thing that everybody in the space was believing however were as well poultry to state

I nominate:
I’m not going to particularly name anybody at this point. I was actually going to go with my last publish as well as randomly select people who commented in that post! But, you understand these blog writer awards are just like chain letters, right? I suggest this: if you want to do this exercise, please let me understand in the comments as well as I’ll add your name!

Edit: I nominate these beautiful bloggers:
• woman ’bout Town
• fivezero
• पॉलिश गरिएको साथै प्रेरणाको रूपमा
• The Pink Planet
…and much more to come!

यो साझा गर्नुहोस्:

यसलाई साथीलाई ईमेल गर्न क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (नयाँ विन्डोमा खुल्छ)
Plinate मा साझा गर्न क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (नयाँ विन्डोमा खुल्छ)

ट्विटरमा साझेदारी गर्न क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (नयाँ विन्डोमा खुल्छ)
टम्बलरमा साझेदारी गर्न क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (नयाँ विन्डोमा खुल्छ)

REDDIT मा साझा गर्न क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (नयाँ विन्डोमा खुल्छ)

यो जस्तो:
लोडिंग जस्तै …


The flexible blog writer award 2I was labelled for this a while back by Mecia of notquitelondon however my publish was languishing in my draft folder, up until I was labelled once again just recently by A woman With Pink Cheeks which prompted me to publish this already!  Thank you both for tagging me – I’ve delighted in getting to know…
June 7, 2015In “Beauty”

वास्तविक स्वेट ब्लग पुरस्कार एस्टिड ट्रिपल नामित थियो वास्तविक सफा ब्लग पुरस्कार को लागी। : D नियमहरू! 1) तपाईंको ब्लगमा पुरस्कार लोगो राख्नुहोस्। 2) प्रतिक्रिया 7 चिन्ताहरू जसले तपाईंलाई मनोनयन गर्दछ जसले तपाईंलाई मनोनयन गर्यो। )) व्यक्तिलाई धन्यवाद दिनुहोस् जसले तपाईंलाई मनोनयन गर्दछ, उनीहरूको ब्लगमा लिंक गर्दै। )) ब्लगरहरूको कुनै पनि प्रकारको संख्याको नामकरण गर्नुहोस् …
अप्रिल 2 ,, 201 2015 “सौन्दर्य”

ड्र्यागन को वफादारी प्राइआई यो ड्र्यागनको वफादारीको लागि डबल लेबल गरिएको थियो! मलाई स्टाइलविहसजाको साथसाथै थप + सौन्दर्य द्वारा मनोनीत गरियो – मेरो धेरै धेरै मनपर्दो ब्लगहरू पढ्नको लागि! धन्यवाद महिलाहरू, यो सँधै मेरो दिनको हाइलाइट हुन्छ जब म तपाईंसँग अनलाइन कुराकानी गर्न सक्दछु! 🙂 “ड्र्यागनको वफादारी पुरस्कार को लागी एक पुरस्कार हो …
अगस्त ,, 201 2015 “सौन्दर्य”

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